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    Drying Solutions for Metal Products Industry

    Although the metal is hard, it is also afraid of moisture

    According to statistics, the annual loss caused by metal corrosion is very staggering. The amount of metal lost due to corrosion in the world every year accounts for about 10% of the annual production. For increasingly sophisticated metal components, once rust occurs, the quality will be degraded, and the loss rate will be higher.

    The cause of corrosion of metal products is closely related to the humidity, temperature and air composition of the ambient air. Except for special circumstances, it is mainly atmospheric corrosion. Among them, the main factor is moist air. The humidity of the air has a significant effect on the corrosion rate and morphology. Practical experience shows that in a dry air environment, the adsorption film on the metal surface is very thin, and when a continuous electrolyte film is not formed, the corrosion rate is very slow; in a humid air environment, once the adsorption film reaches 100A-1μ thick, After the formation of a continuous electrolyte film, it is enough to cause electrochemical corrosion, and the corrosion rate will be accelerated.

    Experience has proved that under certain temperature conditions, if the relative humidity of the air is kept below 70%, the corrosion to the metal will be very slight. If the relative humidity increases above the critical humidity of metal corrosion, the corrosion rate of the metal will begin to rise rapidly.

    For some metal products, a protective layer can be added to block air and other substances that cause corrosion, such as oil immersion, electroplating of anti-corrosion materials, brushing of anti-corrosion coatings, etc. However, many metal products do not allow the above methods. Therefore, it is only possible to reduce the air humidity in the product packaging as much as possible to achieve effective protection. In this case, desiccant becomes the best choice!

    UGEESORB is designed for moisture protection of metal products!

    DIN standard Produced in accordance with German DIN standard, recognized by most countries and downstream enterprises

    Zero Chloride Ion The killer of metal products rusting, in addition to moisture, there are also chlorine ions! The activity of chloride ions makes it easy to react with metals, resulting in corrosion of metal surfaces.

    UG paper packaging UG paper has the same strength and low powder penetration rate as DuPont paper. During transportation, the extrusion of metal products will not easily pierce, scratch or squeeze the desiccant.

    Rapid moisture absorption UGEESORB uses montmorillonite as the adsorption material, which has fast moisture absorption

    Tether design 8U and above packaging, integrated integrated tether, easy to fix.

    Solid waste recycling UGEESORB series supports UGEE-WPG service, you don't need to worry about what to do with the used desiccant.

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