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    The ancient saying, "people are good as the day". Since ancient times, food security, food safety, is "day" big things! Even today's agricultural technology is more developed, many places in the world are facing a food crisis. Cherish food is the responsibility of each of us. Because improper storage, causing food waste, it is the "day" big sin!

    The ancients have invented a lot of food storage. But in summary, it is two: full drying and pickling. Modern science has already found that too much salt, causing a lot of harm to people. Therefore, it is the most important storage method. The modern food industry is very developed, and many packaging foods are needed to continue their taste.

    From the time of cost performance, the use of desiccants is undoubtedly the best bag protection, and the drying plan for transportation is!

    Simply select the appropriate desiccant product, and the protected food can be packaged.

    Independent desiccant uses and works independently, does not rely on environmental and energy-free desiccations, using non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, that is, the use of natural degradation, no harmful solid waste

    Safety food desiccant uses materials that are harmless to the human body. After strict packaging, you can directly contact food. If you don't pollute food, even if you are eating, you will not cause damage to your body (some special foods, dry calcium oxide, can not be Diet)

    UgeePack series food desiccant and Ugeecargo series container desiccant, which provide a full range of solutions in the production of moisture and storage of moisture in food bags!

    Bag protection

    The degree of packaging sealing, humidity control requirements, air volume in the bag is in the bag, and the packaging form in the bag is five major factors in the bag. In addition, the consumption environment of food is also a reference factor. UgeePack series food desiccant products are divided into three product lines of silica gel, montmorillonite, and active mine, including a total of 17 supplies from 0.5g to 1000g, and customize your specifications according to your actual needs.

    Using 0.5g, 1G, 2G small packing desiccant, Ugeemini loop and matching amount automatically separated from the launching machine, can achieve fast and automatic delivery, greatly enhance production efficiency!

    For accurate selection and dosage, please contact our service personnel to get support.

    Storage and transportation

    Food storage and transportation, affected by the season and geographic location, the relative humidity in the storage space will also change. For example, in summer, it is possible to produce condensation in autumn or winter. Food produced in the south, it can also appear in the north. It may also appear in the package; if it is container ocean transport, or long transport cycle, route The temperature difference is large, the container or carriage may form "container rain". These phenomena will directly lead to damage to the food outside, and may also cause the outer packaging to collapse or deformed, resulting in damage to food. Ugeecargo Series high absorbent desiccant can solve the condensation and "container rain" in the outer packaging and container. UG-GEL and UG-Box can be easily hooked on the side of the container or tank side, not occupying space. The amount of desiccant is configured according to the transportation route; Ug-Matting blanket desiccant is more convenient: put it on top of the tray package, when packaging it, it can be properly protected to protect the food outside the food. Damaged by moisture!

    For accurate selection and dosage, please contact our service personnel to get support.

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