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    Drying solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

    A medicine is a very special product whose quality is highly dependent on how it is packaged and transported. A medicine damaged by moisture and moisture not only loses its potency, but sometimes even brings unimaginable side effects. Therefore, it is very necessary to use high-purity non-toxic desiccant in the production and packaging process of medicine. It can effectively guarantee the quality of medicines.

    small box vial

    Drugs are different from other products, each packaging unit is relatively small, so the desiccant must also be small and refined.

    more demanding

    Before the desiccant for pharmaceuticals is put on the market, it must obtain relevant certification; its raw material selection and production, packaging, storage and transportation environment must strictly comply with relevant specifications.

    UGEEMINI series of small package desiccants are designed to provide moisture-proof protection for medicines and health care products!

    Domestic and international certification

    UGEEMINI series desiccant adopts high-purity low-water silica gel desiccant packaged in UG paper. The material and production strictly comply with the "Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceutical Products" (GMP) of the Ministry of Health, and fully comply with 21 US CFR standards and US FDA drug masters. file (DMF) and get FDA approval.

    Clean workshop production

    All UGEEMINI products are produced and packaged in a clean workshop to ensure that each package of desiccant meets the pharmaceutical hygiene requirements.

    Selected low water content silica gel

    Before the silicone raw material enters the production workshop, the following tests will be carried out: moisture content (≤3.0%); moisture absorption capacity (25℃, when RH = 20%> 9.5%, when RH = 40%> 22%, when RH = 90%> 34%); discoloration (soaking solution needs to be colorless).

    UG paper packaging

    The packaging material adopts UG paper, three-layer composite packaging, high air permeability and low powder permeability, no stupidity, no lead and no fluorescence, which fully meets the requirements of medical desiccant packaging materials.

    roll pack

    UGEEMINI roll-to-package series, with automatic slitting and feeding machine, help factories improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs.

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