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    Bus routes
    1. Get on the bus at Nanqiao Bus Station (Fengxian No. 18)
    2.Get off at the stop of Wanzhong Road, Gimhae Highway
    3.Walk 620 meters to No. 65 Wanbin Road
    Self-driving recommendation
    Map Navigation to 65 Wanbin Road
    (Please pay attention to driving safety and drive carefully)
    Subway route
    1. Get on at Hongqiao Terminal 1 Station, get off at Metro Line 10 (towards Hongqiao Railway Station) and get off at Hongqiao Railway Station (Exit D)
    2.Get on at Hongqiao West Traffic Center Station, get off at Nanqiao Bus Station (Disembark), and get off at Hongqiao Hub No. 5 Line B
    3.Get on at Nanqiao Bus Station (Fengxian Road 18) and get off at Wanzhong Road Station, Jinhai Highway, and walk 600 meters to No. 65, Wanbin Road

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    Add:No. 65 Wanbin Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai
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    Add:No. 65 Wanbin Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai


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